What is Mom Mentoring Program?

A program to assist a pregnant woman (mom mentee) by matching them up with a mom mentor volunteer. Mentors support the mom mentee from pregnancy to baby’s first birthday.

What is a Mom Mentor?

A woman who has the compassion, empathy and time to commit to helping you through your pregnancy and up to your baby’s first birthday by providing guidance, support, and sharing community resources.

What is a Mom Mentee?

A pregnant woman who wants to receive additional support, wisdom, and guidance from a volunteer mom mentor.

Who can enroll to be a Mom Mentee?

Pregnant women no more than 4 months (16 weeks) along who live in Muskegon County.

Benefits of being a Mom Mentee?

  • Receive emotional and social support from mom mentor and work together through the birth and up to baby’s first birthday.
  • Learn tools to promote a healthy pregnancy and parenting techniques.
  • Celebrate pregnancy with a virtual baby shower and receive a Safe & Healthy Baby Kit.
  • Celebrate baby’s first birthday and receive a Learn & Grow Kit.

Mom Mentors will support Mom Mentees by:

  • Being there to listen without judgment.
  • Help answer questions and set goals for a healthy pregnancy.
  • Provide social and emotional support to help mom mentees throughout pregnancy.

How do I become a Mom Mentee?

Call: (231) 724-4415