Volunteer and help mentor a pregnant mom who lives in Muskegon County.

Becoming a mom mentor volunteer can help pregnant moms in having a healthy pregnancy and infant.

What is a Mom Mentor?

A Mom Mentor is a person who is willing to commit to mentoring a pregnant mom who lives in Muskegon County. The Mentor provides social support by helping the expecting mom to navigate resources in the community that will help to have a healthy pregnancy and infant.

Who can be a Mom Mentor?

Any woman who is willing to support an expecting mom throughout the process of carrying a healthy baby to term and one year after the birth of her child.
As a Mom Mentor you can offer the following support to a pregnant mom:

  • Become a friend and support a pregnant mom by connecting them to community resources
  • Build a supportive relationship through pregnancy.
  • Support pregnant mom until her baby is 1 year.
  • Encouraging and support mothers to obtain health care for baby and herself.
  • Goal setting for a healthy pregnancy.
  • Offer love and support through difficult times without judgement

How do I sign up?

Call: (231) 724-4415